Sup Yoga TLV Policy

Below is our club policy:


  1. Registration for classes is in advance, and is done through the online management system through our website or by appointment on the phone.

  2. For registration, the following details are required: full name, email address and mobile phone.

  3. Payment is made when ordering the class and by credit card only.

  4. Cancellation without charge: Up to 48 hours notice is valid for all classes and all customers.

    • Full charge for cancellation within less than 48 hours prior to class time.

    • Full charge in case of no-show.

  5. Changing class time without charge: Up to 24 hours notice is valid for all classes and all customers.

    • The club does not undertake to change the class time for requests that are in less than 24 hours before the scheduled date.

  6. Purchased class is personal and non-transferable. You can sell your subscription card to a third party with written notice to the club about the change, and subject to the club approval.

  7. Subscription card is for personal use only and is valid for 12 months from date of purchase.

    • ​In order to use the subscription card, you must coordinate with the club to join to the class, based on available spot in our schedule.

  8. Subscription card refund, full refund will be provided if the subscription card is not used and no later than 14 days under the Consumer Protection Act.

  9. The club reserves the right from time to time to change the types of tickets and subscription cards and their prices at its discretion.​

  10. The Club reserves the right from time to time to change the class schedule according to the circumstances, to add / remove lessons at its discretion.

    • In the event of unsuitable environmental conditions, the club may cancel scheduled classes (within short notice). In this case, the club will coordinate with the trainers as soon as possible.

  11. The club reserves the right to replace an instructor and / or bring a substitute instructor to the club classes if necessary.

  12. Minimum 6 students for non-private group class. If not enough students are enrolled in the class, the club may cancel a class or move to another date with advance notice of up to 3 hours before the class.​

  13. Class duration is 55 minutes.

  14. You should arrive at the club and prepare for the class about 30 minutes before class start time. Class entry will not be allowed after 10 minutes from the start.

  15. It is advisable to leave the valuables at home, the club is not responsible for the loss or theft of personal belongings.

  16. The club management has the right to take pictures and videos during the activity for the purpose of documentation or creating marketing content.

  17. The trainee declares that his or her health, physical and mental state does not restrict or prevent him / her from engaging in physical and / or sports activities within the various club circles.

  18. The trainee is obliged to notify the club management of any changes in his / her health condition and declares that his /her health is normal and allows him / her to make physical efforts at the yoga club at various levels of difficulty.

  19. The trainee declares that all activities performed by him /her within the various classes of the club are at his /her own risk and personal responsibility and he / she has no claim or demand of any kind whatsoever in the future and he / she dismisses the club  has any responsibility for bodily and / or mental damage and / or any other damage that may be caused by it in the course of such activity.

  20. The customer acknowledges receiving messages and emails.

  21. Sup Yoga TLV reserves the right to update its policy from time to time.


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